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Optimal You by Christine Gingerich
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We had no idea that healthy could taste so good.

– Deb McBride

This book oozes with the message that: "Your health is important and you CAN do this...YOU can do this!" It's like you have come to live in our homes and be our “live-in coach.”

– Lori

Optimal YOU provides practical and valuable advice about foods, health and overall well-being. It is well written, touching and deeply insightful, with outstanding recipes for everyone.

- Dr Joe Mikhael, MD, MED, FRCPC, FACP Consultant Hematologist,
Mayo Clinic
Optimal You
Optimal You

Learn how to reduce the Internal Inflammatory Load – what foods to eat and what to avoid to promote:

increased energy

weight loss

disease prevention


improved sleep

Five Fundamental Essentials to Achieve Optimal Health

Optimal Raw, Living Foods

Optimal pH Levels

Optimal Exercise

Optimal Water

Optimal Fat

Over-Coming Difficult Hurdles


The Optimal Kitchen

Organization – Purpose & Place

Kitchen Utensils for Efficient Health

Meal Planning – including a reproducible 35 day dinner plan

Controversial Kitchen Tools


The Microwave

More than 30 Optimally Healthy Ingredients to Utilize

How to Bake Gluten-Free

An Extensive Recipe Section – over 125 Optimally Healthy Recipes!

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