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No illness that can be treated by diet should be treated in any other manner.
- Maimonides

Christine was raised on a farm outside of Stratford, Ontario where she grew to appreciate country living, natural wholesome foods and hard work. Even at a young age she had an insatiable desire for alternative medicine and preventative natural healing. Sadly, at a young age, she also developed a “sweet tooth,” and in her late teen years, found herself struggling with weight issues.

After working for one year at a chocolate factory, her weight soared and her health plummeted. A vicious cycle of emotional eating, food addictions and health complaints seemed to plague her life. Within five years of high school she carried an extra 52 pounds; she was also covered with itchy eczema, had an increasing number of allergies, and an asthma diagnosis made exercise difficult. Christine was depressed, overwhelmed, and sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Having received her degree in Physical Education from Wilfrid Laurier University, in Waterloo, ON, Christine understood the basic essentials for good health. She began to change her diet and started a walking program. Her extra weight started to slowly melt away. She then began working in the health industry as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor, training in a variety of facilities and coaching a large clientele. After completing her Bachelor of Education in 1995 Christine joined the Waterloo District School Board as an elementary teacher.

Christine's love for good health and optimal wellness eventually took her back to the health and wellness arena. In 2004 she conjoined her teaching and coaching skills from the classroom with her passion for natural healing, launching her personal coaching business, Optimal YOU. Her job, as your Coach, is to educate, then equip and finally empower you to be "all you were designed to be!" She is incredibly passionate about facilitating the journey to wellness for men, women and families of all ages and you will certainly be infused with her enthusiasm! Christine will compel you to become an informed consumer, to be more proactive in attaining true health and wellness, and will help you receive the accountability you require for success.

Christine was a writer for the former Open Magazine and has recently published her first book, Optimal YOU: Great-Tasting Recipes & Powerful Lifestyle Strategies to Achieve Optimal Health. Her two-part "LifeStyle Coaching" episode aired on Grand River Living, a magazine-style show on Roger's cable television.

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